Do you seek Divine Mercy and Safe Shelter in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Are you in need of Spiritual Support through constant prayer?

Are you looking for avenues to express your Love for the Church and extend your caring hands to priests?

We, at Sacred Heart Seminary , accompany you through our prayers, and form priests modelled after the compassionate Heart of Jesus!

A seminary is a place where young men are moulded in the ideals of Jesus to become caring and compassionate pastors.

Would you like to sponsor Seminarians to complete their studies?

A simple contribution of Rs 10 per week would be significant for us. If not YOU, who else would SUPPORT SEMINARIANS!!

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Welcome to Sacred Heart Seminary

Welcome to Sacred Heart Seminary, Poonamallee, Chennai 600 056, which is an ancient spiritual sanctuary engaged in the ministry of formation of priests since 8 September 1936. This seminary is the fruit of the extraordinary vision of her Founder, Msgr Louis Mathias, SDB, the late Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore.

In the past 82 years, the seminary has gifted more than one thousand five hundred priests and twenty bishops to the Church, who are engaged effectively in pastoral ministry all over the world.

All of us who are baptized into Christ participate in his priesthood. However, there is an inner urge in all of us to have a priest in our own family. We, at the seminary, provide you with an opportunity to adopt a seminarian as your Spiritual Son, which would fulfill this need for a priest in your family.

You can accomplish your dream by participating in the Sponsorship Programme, which is an excellent expression of your love for the Church, and your caring attitude towards priests.

Your financial contribution would be put to good use for training programmes, regular maintenance of the seminary, renovation projects, and the cause of the poor in the neighbourhood.

Your contribution has a magical touch of creating “Ripples of Hope” in the lives of many seminarians.


    • We gratefully acknowledge your contribution, and reciprocate with a profound sense of joy.

    • We gratefully remember you in our prayers. The Eucharistic Celebration on every Tuesday is offered for the intentions of all our sponsors. We say a special prayer after every Eucharistic Celebration for our sponsors.

    • We create a space for you to participate in the mission of Jesus by participating in the formation of priests, which is your baptismal right as well as your Christian responsibility.

    • We connect with you by providing you with regular updates about the events of the seminary. We gather annually at the seminary for a Thanks-giving Celebration as a mark of appreciation for all our sponsors.


The formation programme at our seminary consists of seven years of priestly training, which consists of two years of philosophical studies, one year of practical training, and four years of theological studies.

You can pray for all the priests and seminarians that the Spirit of God may remain upon us and guide us in our commitment to the Church.

You can encourage your son or any seminarian close to your heart to become a priest.

You may adopt a seminarian as your Spiritual Son


This ancient spiritual sanctuary of formation was inaugurated on 8 September 1936. The buildings and structures in this sacred campus has stood the test of weather and time for the past eighty-two years.

Presently, we are engaged in the delicate and responsible task of renovating the existing structures to create the right ambience for the formation of priests.


Sacred Heart Seminary is taking a new initiative to pray for your intentions and your well-being.

On every Tuesday, we offer the Mass for the intentions of our sponsors. We say a special prayer for our sponsors during every Eucharistic Celebration.

Our prayer partners, consisting of priests, seminarians and the lay faithful would constantly intercede with Abba Father on your behalf.

We Support You in Our Prayers

  • For good health and happiness
  • For peace in the family
  • For healing and wellness
  • For special intentions
  • For memorable days in your life

If you are moved by the Spirit of God to contribute click here.

Prayer For Our Benefactors

On every Tuesday we offer the Eucharistic Celebration for the intention of our sponsors

Every day we prey for our sponsors after Eucharistic Communion.

This is our prayer for you

Father of Mercy, we thank you for your enduring providence

that we experience through our benefactors.

We thank you for the sacrifices they make to support us in our seminary formation.

They contribute to make our life comfortable because you have called each of us by name.

We pray that you bless all their endeavors.

May their children, like Jesus your Son, grow in knowledge and wisdom

and may peace reign in their families.

Teach us always to be ever grateful to them

by remembering them in our daily prayers and also by living a simple life.

We pray in the name of Jesus who appreciated the widow’s mite.